Not Everything Is Summer Fun





As mentioned “Cultural Diversity Ate My Lunch” was performed in the “Fade To Black” Theatre Festival in Houston. Well, in one of life’s little twists (but sometimes they’re never quite THAT little) the Festival received a wonderful review —- but the reviewer thought my play, the only one he didn’t mention, was “too long and preachy”. Did I mention it was a 10 minute Play Festival? It’s all here. It must have been AWFULLY long and preachy (in 10 minutes). Anyway, Buzz Belmont wasn’t impressed. As they say, Buzz is certainly entitled to his opinion. I think he should have at least mentioned the name of the play and elaborated a little bit more on why he didn’t like it. It seems a bit unfair that all the other playwrights were mentioned in the article. But now I’m smiling about it all. Because that’s how we roll in Playwright-Land.


Who knew this little twist would come out of a 10 Minute Festival. I think maybe the politics behind the play were not to the reviewer’s liking. Maybe I’m dead-wrong, but I can almost feel some righteous indignation. Who knows. But it all adds to the legacy, am I right? Mine, not Buzz’s.