Manhattan Theatre Works

So the other day I’m twiddling my thumbs hoping the sky don’t fall on me…when out the blue I get an e-mail from the Manhattan Theatre Works. It’s a generic e-mail for folks who’ve submitted plays. It says they have selected their finalists and semi-finalists. But I don’t see Alonzo’s name anywhere, so I’m not excited. And they say you need to check their Facebook page to see who’s been selected. So I go to the page, and I watch their Video, and I’m just about to click off the Video (cause I don’t see Alonzo’s name anywhere, so I’m not excited), but lo and behold around the 1:12 mark —- here comes Alonzo’s name. So now, I’m excited. 

One thought on “Manhattan Theatre Works

  1. When you least expect it, a ray of sunlight breaks through the clouds. You just have to keep moving forward and doing your best work. Congratulations !!

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