Snow & Thoughts & Ideas

Before the snow came, I was enjoying riding sooooo much. It seemed as though I’d be able to ride all the way through “winter”. But, then real winter came and it’s been touch n’ go with snow. (I gotta admit, that Gary Fisher of mine is so hip it’s not funny). We were working our way back to our meet-up place on 33rd St. It was a brisk day, but as you can see, it was delightful conditions for riding.

Me Before Snow

It’s been a month or so since I’ve written and I’ve tried spending my time wisely. Have RELIGIOUSLY applied to lots of submission opportunities, reading and thinking what the next project will be. What shape it will take. I spoke to the Dept. of Anthropology class about “East Side Story” and that was a blast. They were very engaged, and I certainly enjoyed composing my thoughts and reflecting on the process of putting that all together. I’m hoping something comes along. Something that tackles my senses. I don’t know if the “Telling” Project will get off the ground at Hopkins.

Meeting this week with several MICA students and my old friend George Ciscle (who used to teach me art at Cardinal Gibbons H.S. waaaaaaaay back in the day) to see if they’d like to be involved. This is all the longest of long shots, at this point. I know that when my mind is working on something I’m a different person. Whether it’s work or personal. But the more I see opportunities I think that I’m just hungry to fasten onto something just for the sake of doing it. Nicole mentions to me that I should take advantage of anything I can get my hands on since I have the a “platform” (Hopkins) that could allow me a definite sense of freedom. But I have a fondness for performance and not, say, digital humanities which involves alotta time in front of the computer. Maybe there’s a way to attach both of those elements together. If there is I can’t find my way to including both.

As my birthday month (March!) approaches, time will tell if I’m spending summer riding and letting all thoughts of doing any projects or plays just go to the wind, or if something crosses my intellectual horizon and takes me on a new journey.