Toot My Own Horn — Again

I wanted to add this nice, little nugget that fell my way this past week. My twitter pal Kimberley Barker at the Claude Moore Library at Univ. of Virginia asked if I would fill out a questionnaire she’d put together. I did. But, I didn’t know it would fall under a “Spotlighting The Awesome” heading. It did. And here’s what it looks like.

Ahhhhhhhhh. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s good to be king………..


I saw this little fella up close in Druid Hill Park on March 9th. A gorgeous & sunny day that took me and my red KONA around the city. I rode through a bit of Mt. Washington, crossed Northern Parkway and got on the new section of the Jones Falls Trail and then came down into Woodberry. Worked my way back up through the park, round the reservoir and then out of the park and up Liberty Heights. 14 miles of what felt like continuous headwind. But this is great preparation for my “official” spring riding for my Birthday. I plan to do the airport ride (50-some miles), along with some long rides in the city and county. Will share pics.

I got close enough to pet him, but he darted away. Next time, lil fella.


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