Out and About in Baltimore

A few days back Nicole and I went to a bourbon-tasting on Hopkins campus. In this pic is our old friend Fritz Read who used to live on the same alley (Tyson St.) with us many, many moons ago.

Just learned that the location at Hopkins for the Telling Project has to be changed. Oh well, these things happen. Happy to know about this now, and not 2 days before the performance. Our first rehearsal is July 10th and the cast (about 10) seems very excited to tell their story and to be involved. I think sometimes, that it’s just giving people a voice and asking them to “come on inside” opens a boulevard of appreciation. We’ll see what “adventure” comes from finding a new space.

Also, I wanted to “give a shout out” to this theatre company. A little start-up here in Baltimore. I predict good things will come their way. Their home is a place that was a former school that Son-Charles attended back in the day. The father of one of the company creators called me at home after I made a donation. He just wanted to say thanks. After I hung-up I realized how sweet and rare a gesture it was. Like someone had called to tell me how much they like a play of mine. Or something like that……




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