Veterans Artist Program @ Artscape

Yes! We were there! Here are several pics — and take a look at my “THE TELLING PROJECT” page to see the latest updates and more pics. As I mentioned, working on this material is like being asked to carry something very fragile and precious. My cast has held onto their stories, memories and recollections of a time in their lives that, looking back, presented so many challenges and moments of crisis. I’m not a veteran and don’t really know any. But now I feel quite humbled by what they’ve seen, heard and done. They’ve already “performed” on a much larger stage. And now, because of their unique interpretations of their journeys —- it’s almost too big for any one person to convey —- the time has come for them to collectively and individually, Tell…..


Above, Lisa Lutwyche and Nick Lutwyche. All smiles NOW, but that was before Nick realized he had to break out a little “Fred Astaire” for the show. And that’s Jeremy Paris and Tracy Miller. Jeremy is our resident raconteur and Tracy is probably making sure it is-or-isn’t time for the Monument Street meters to be fed.


At Artscape we had Samantha Redles from MICA (she’s knows our MICA friends who’re coordinating the exhibit, Emily Russell and Kirsten Poulsen-House), stopping by to share some Artscape vibes — and yes, that’s Jeremy in the background. Jeremy was at Artscape everyday, almost ALL day.


Little did I know that when I started working for VAP I’d be making all these connections. But ain’t that just like life. As the saying goes, ” I didn’t know I could get there from here”.

2 thoughts on “Veterans Artist Program @ Artscape

  1. Lonz, you ARE funnier than me.. Much love to you and Nicole. After reading your goods, which enjoy, it hit me that you are my oldest friend. You would think that in all that time I would have seen you make ONE honest to God layup, set one pick! But, alas, in another lifetime I hope. BTW, did I catch a glimps of you in the 12 O’clock Boys. You seemed to rolling at about 3:45! As always, just being a bit silly. Continue to have success and making the world a better place by your humor.

  2. Thanks Mike. I’m sure I made a layup “at some point along the way,” but you’d be hard-pressed to actually find the tape. The “12:00 O’Clock Boys” have zoomed by me on more than a few occasions. I think they’re the same ones. What can I say — no respect for a man onna bike.

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