Maya Angelou & local musician/storyteller ellen cherry & more “New Day” News)

My next “Waxter Wisdom” presentation will be Maya, and I gotta say — where to begin? She’s led quite a remarkable life, and there’s so much-much-much material to choose from. She was the first black cable car conductor in San Francisco, for goodness sake. How’d she get to that?

Maya Angelou   Also, many folks don’t know that she was an actress, and starred in “Porgy and Bess” and “The Blacks(review from a fairly recent production in England) by Jean Genet. I’ve got my work cut out for me, but I plan on incorporating her poetry with dance and music. Maya had 5 or 6 lifetimes. I’ve got 45 – 50 minutes to investigate how they all came together.

I’ve been attending New Day Campaign sessions around town. It’s quite an undertaking that Peter Bruun is launching. My goal is to participate as a producer and artist. I’m also working with local musician ellen cherry and the veterans from Telling on a live-with-audience webcast performance. ellen is much more than a singer-songwriter, she’s got that “visionary” gene lurking about. Watch/Listen to the hand-cranked puppet theatre film “Pickett’s Charge” that ellen does the song for. ellen also suffers from PTSD, and that’s why/how Peter “brokered” (his words not mine) our acquaintance.

Picketts-Charge-Slider-Feb-2014   This will all be shaping up during the summer, with New Day exhibits/performances/speakers and events scheduled from between October 1st to Dec. 31st. Lots to do, lots to do……

One thought on “Maya Angelou & local musician/storyteller ellen cherry & more “New Day” News)

  1. Hello Alonzo, I’m the Artistic Director for OTR Theater. I have been referred to you by Michael Hardin and Aaron Androh for the possibility of presenting one of your plays. I’d like to correspond further with you on this subject. Thanks.

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