Moving Through Summer

So it’s been fast and slow here in B’More. Been working ALOT with my Neighborhood Association, and we’ve gotten a bit of NICE press. And August could be full of surprises. But then, I feel that way about most months. I’ve been invited to be a panelist at Frostburg State University’s Indie Lit Festival. I’ve been asked to speak about “Writing Character”. Well, I’m just thrilled to talk about Writing Character. I can Charafgerize wid da best of ’em. Also, I’ll be reading excerpts from “B-SideMan” at the Baltimore Book Festival. Got the invite from my buddy Gerry LaFemina, who’s a poet and runs FSU’s Center for Creative Writing. I heard Gerry reading at Enoch Pratt awhile back and he was very much ON IT, as far as his personal style.

So I’m loving that opportunity also. Reading an excerpt out in the open air should be a JOLT for me and the audience. At least it was when I had my reading at Single Carrot a few months back. But ahhhhhh….if only I could learn my script. Then I wouldn’t have to search for an actor to memorize the whole dang one-man show. It may come to that — me learning the script.


I read parts of “Zulu Fits” about 4 years ago when the Festival was in another part of town (Mt. Vernon), and this time it’s gone all big-timey and down to the Inner Harbor.

Probably soon I’ll be gearing up for more “New Day Campaign” events and business. I’m putting a new script together for the Veterans from Telling, and working with ellen cherry for their performance with her. Take a look at the New Day newsletter. It’s says a mouthful!New Day Pic








I’ll have to share some pics and moments from our recent trip to Maine (Vinalhaven, an island) and upstate New York (Beacon, a town). Paid a visit to the Storm King Art Center and was flabbergasted, by all the outdoor wonder of it all. That’s a 3-legged Buddha. The size is indicative of most of the exhibits, and the Center sits on the side of a mountain, and just sprawls about. I was there with breeze blowing and my head was full of thoughts. Give me some open air and I’m always……….transported. Storm King


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