“The Future’s So Bright I Gotta….”

“Wear Shades,” of course.

As they say…”it’s been a minute” since I was last in touch. But summer is bringing good news. First up, “Monifa’s Kiss” my award-winning play (The Frostburg One-Act Play Contest) is being performed by the PotomacPlaymakers in Hagerstown, MD. I’m going to auditions in early July, the production is scheduled for September.

Also, I’ve been invited to the West Virginia Writer’s Workshop. I’ll be on a faculty panel discussing public performance (prose, poetry and plays), and doing a reading of “B-SideMan” for another session.


And this year I’m serving on the Advisory Board of the New Day Campaign. Our 2016 kick-off is in a few days, and it’s tremendously exciting to be a continuing part of New Day. Don’t know if I’ll be a participant when things kick into gear, but for now that’s alright. I think, like many who’ve continued on with New Day, the “rewards” are far more personal than philanthropic or professional. For me, New Day finally allowed a reconciliation within myself for Charles and his passing. Though it’s been six years, as I discovered, it doesn’t matter how long or short the time is. Grief isn’t something that involves time, it involves so much more than that. It’s confession, admission and all stops in-between. So off I go with New Day again.

As I write this, it’s Father’s Day and wiffee Nicole found (tucked away in the attic) several old holiday cards from Charles that were the most touching Father’s Day “presents” I could ever, ever imagine. When you haven’t see something that “takes you right there,” and then you do, it feels like the most fragile of moments….