Waxter Wisdom Series Is Coming ‘Round The Bend — Again!

Happy and thrilled to once again be writing for the Waxter Wisdom series in 2017. I’ll be contributing scripts for Nina Simone and Ray Charles. Heavy hitters. Again, as I’ve mentioned before, it’s a privilege to be writing these scripts (Waxter performances are usually 45-50 minutes), that are performed at the Waxter Center here in B’Mo and the audiences are spectacularly appreciative.


The series has really grown and that’s mostly the result of my good theater buddy and budding theatrical impressario, Tyrone Requer, getting the series “out there.” He’s worked like a demon to move this forward and here we are in year 3! There’s always a Q&A after the performance and in many instances, the audience knows as much as the writer or actors! They’ll throw facts back at you about the luminaries they’ve just seen onstage. And the performances are all coordinated with caregiver assistance programs at the Waxter. Folks are brought in from a variety of places and they get a first-rate show. This isn’t PR, this is the truth, the actors most especially are just so DAMN good. Things can be noisy, the audience can (at times) be in transit, but nothing matters. Once things start, you can see how everyone, writer, director and actor have gone to another level. That’s the best way I can say it. Nobody gets rich, but everyone gets proud…..

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