“B-Side Man” on the air in Atlanta & Veteran’s Teaching Update

DO I EVER LOVE SPRING! Next to Fall, this is my favorite time to be alive. Spring is possibilities. Spring is development. Spring is the time for serendippity. I’ve felt that way forever. There is no better time to be walking in sunshine. Or sitting outside. Or reading a blog post.

New News! Yes, the Atlanta Audio Festival has just about arrived and “B-Side Man” will be one of the participants. Want proof? Just check out their line-up and you’ll find me.

Atlanta Audio   It feels like I’m living with that play on a daily basis. It has all the truth the real world will provide. When I die my tombstone should say “Here lies the man who wrote “B-Side Man”. Do I want all of Atlanta to listen to my play and through word-of-mouth I become an overnight sensation? Let’s just say I wouldn’t turn it down. I doubt many people can name more than one (if that) successful contemporary playwrights. I don’t need to be one of those people who have a zillion productions and takes up all the space on a theatre program listing all his productions and affliations. That’s not me. Face it. If you’ve seen any theatre in your lifetime you know there’s alotta bad plays out there. Alotta “nothing” plays out there. But if nobody is putting me in the “spectacular” category — I guess I gotta do it myself. See what Spring does? It empowers even the most UN-humble Playwrights.

Starting in June, I’ll be taking classes to become certified to teach veteran’s in the state of Maryland. Veteran Ready Training that Judy Rollins created in association with the Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC)  and Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) ensures that participation in these training sessions will be required for any teacher who will be working with Veterans through MSAC grant programs.

Becoming a certified veteran’s teacher would be a wonderful opportunity. It takes you out of the “free-lance” realm and makes everything a bit more legit. Enhanced credibility would be a beautiful thing.

We’ll see how the rest of Spring unfolds. But right now it can do no wrong.



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