2021 Brings A Smile

So there I am at my trusty MAC when some hopeful news comes my way. You may or may not know that I apply to contests and theatres who advertise for submissions all the time. This is a blessing and a curse, since you can guess who comes out on top of that equation. Let’s just say the odds are not in the playwright’s favor. Anyway, the Tenessee Williams and New Orleans Literary Festival wrote to say that my play “Exposed To Strangers” was a finalist. Hooray! That’s hellzapoppin stuff! That’s big slices of chocolate cake for everybody stuff!

I’ll get their yea or nay decision sometime in February. Who knows? I could be one of 20,000 “Finalists”. But my aim is high, and I’ll stack up my play with anybody’s play. That’s the run-a-muk optimism 2021 has hypnotized me with. Yessssssss buddy. Yesssssssss sir-reeney. I’ve done humble long enough, now I’m showing my real colors. So the Tennessee Williams Festival folk had better come to their senses and pick me da winner. No ifs/ands/or buts. Here’s the short synopsis for “Exposed To Strangers”:

“A married middle-aged librarian, Odysseus, decides to send letters to a “famously” imprisoned middle-school teacher who had a controversial affair with a 12 yr. old student of hers. The controversy evolved into a full-scale tabloid media spectacle, and drew national outrage. Ultimately, the teacher was found guilty of sex with a minor. Though Odysseus writes letters, he’s never received one in return. Till one day a letter arrives, much to the surprise of his wife.”