“B-Side Man” performance coming Saturday, July 9th at The Ivy

Yes indeed, my friends! I’ll be performing my solo play at the Ivy Bookshop.

Here’s all the specific where/when details. Very excited to have the opportunity to perform the play again. I loved doing it for the Marsh Solo Festival, but that was waaaaaay back in March. The play seems to catch folks by surprise. Maybe because it’s definitely got “a voice,” and over the course of the performance that voice becomes starts to bring you into the heart of the play. So sayeth ye humble Playwright. Without giving away anymore, I’ll just say that I’m pretty pleased with it. Needless to say, it’s very personal and covers lots and lots of cultural and personal territory.

The poster below is what I I used back in 2016. I had several performances in NYC at a performance space called THE TANK, and then several more performances with the Baltimore Fringe Festival. Little did I know I’d still be “peddling” the play 6 yrs. later. When I first created it, I thought I needed an actor to learn my 20-some pages of script. As time went by I realized I’d already found that actor — ME. I didn’t really want to perform it, but had no alternatives on the horizon. But I believe in this play SOOOOO MUCH that I can see it reaching the proverbial, “new heights”. I can see that happening……