Independent Work with Hopkins – Mumbo Jumbo Productions

This was a sample Video from a Project I just completed in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins Center for Educational Resources. Like I say, it’s just a sample (you know that from the very opening when you see my big hand waving). Later this month I’ll post the link to the final Videos (5 total), that will be on the Center’s website. I had big fun doing them. Hired an independent editor, several actors (Yakima Rich being one of them, she can act for me ANYTIME. She’s that good) and we were off and running.

It was great to land this job. Candice Dalrymple, Director for the Center, and I just sorta stumbled into the territory. She mentioned it, I said I could do it. And there you have it. For the sample we filmed down at the Barnes and Noble on St. Paul and 33rd. St. I’m actually very excited about the possibilities that may come from this………as they used to say, “one never knows, do one?”

A few years ago Nicole and I started our own company, “Mumbo Jumbo Productions” (Ishmael Reed wrote a fabulous book called “Mumbo Jumbo”) and produced “That Serious He-Man Ball” at Towson under the Mumbo Jumbo auspices. Alas, the world of theatre didn’t quite embrace us, so back on the shelf it went. But now, I can see “Mumbo Jumbo” rising like a Phoenix!

This is my decade. I intend to own it.