MS Ride & Alonzo

It’s getting near that time of year. The MS Ride on the eastern shore. I’ve done this ride 3-4 times before, and always have a barrel of fun. This year I may be going solo, but that’s fine. It’s usually a lovely day (knock on wood), and the sights and sounds of nature along the eastern shore surround you. I enjoy all the well-thought out and well-planned aspects of the ride, the MS Folks make it sooooooo easy to enjoy the day. And when it’s over, there’s nothing better than having a cold one somewhere in town. This year we’re in Easton and I’m sure new adventures (and terrain) await. Plan to do 68 miles, and sweat to my heart’s content.

Me at Roadside Cafe

ABOVE is me on a ride from home (NW B-More) out to Hunt Valley. Gorgeous day equaled by hilly terrain. But my Bike Friday (that I’ve now had for 9 yrs and 10,000+ miles—on my CURRENT Odometer) is a champ and never lets me down. Plus, it’s way cuter than me. Everyone is always surprised by the little bike.


One thought on “MS Ride & Alonzo

  1. Great image. Love the look of that super road bike !! Wish I were there to enjoy that Eastern Shore ride with you. Should be great fun. Take a few pictures down there for those of us watching from the sidelines.

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