My Bike Friday


Friday like MineMy buddy Michael INSPIRED me to write about my main ride. Trust me, I’ve heard it all (“clown bike,” etc) and it’s pret-tee funny. So I thought I’de elaborate on why I love this bike. While it’s a folding bike, I didn’t buy it because it folded. I just saw myself riding something unique. I loved the look of it. Anybody knows me, knows I’m familiar with “unique”. You can really ONLY order them online (though there are shops that sell them, Mt. Airy Bike Shop being one). But it was a real leap of faith thinking that a bike would arrive from the Pacific Northwest (Oregon to be exact) that I’d never ridden before — and this would become my main (top of the line) bike. I have a Kona and a Gary Fisher, both excellent bikes. Have ridden them over many a hill and dale. But the Friday has taken me places the others haven’t.

Seems as though there’s always been a bit of curiousity about my lil Bike Friday. The one ABOVE is like mine. It’s not mine, but it’s LIKE mine. Black, with Schwalbe tires, they’ll go forever and NEVER get flat. 27 gears. Comfy. Sleek. Hot. How do I know it’s hot? Because everytime I pass some “young-stas” — they ALWAYS holla and say how much they “LIKE THAT BIKE!” I’ve never heard any young kids say anything bad about this bike. A drug guy walked by me one day and offered me (cause he had it in his pocket) a WAD of cash for it. “Say your price,” but I was unimpressed.

RacerThe one with the pretty lady—that’s a RACER, and she’s got her colors all matched up. Drop handlebars are the biggest difference. These bikes takes hills great and people are ALWAYS surprised. It’s a conversation starter because after about 40–50 miles people start to realize “ohhhhh snap, he’s riding the whole 100!”







imgresThis red one is another drop handlebar Friday. But I’m no racer. Folks think these bikes JUST CAN’T be that tough. I’ve had mine since 2005 and my first Odometer stopped (broke down) at around 15,000 miles. The one I have now has 11,000-plus. I would probably have more but, I’ve got two other bikes that get jealous when they can’t go out with Daddy.






This is what it looks like folded. I don’t have to get it this folded to get it into our Subaru. But it folds down pretty quick and it’s a breeze if you’ve got a bike friday bag (or the BF hard suitcase).


They’re not cheap, but they’re meant to last. If I could I’d buy another. Aside from organized rides, I’ve ridden this bike on the Western Maryland Rail Trail, the B&O Trail, the WO&D Trail (45 miles one way) and the C&O Trail (rode from Harpers Ferry to Cumberland). So it’s tough enough for trails and city. So that’s my story. There’s probably only 3 or 4 that I’ve seen in Baltimore, ran into a couple (hubby and wife) about two weeks ago. When we saw each other you’d have thought we wuz kissin cousins — we were all in shock. I’ve never seen any BF’s on any organized rides. But hey, that’s fine too. I figure that leaves me in elite company.

2 thoughts on “My Bike Friday

  1. I remember when when you got the bike; not sure what is more impressive-the mileage you’ve put on the thing or the money you refused for it. THAT ‘S what makes you unique. BTW, was talking to my nephew who graduated from Gibbons years after you made your mark with the science department, and turns out Mr. Lang did a number on a a test he took too. I always wondered if you bothered to check your test answers at the time you were given your test score, you probably earned a higher grade (it would seem impossible that you didn’t given the score I recall you saying you got!). It seems that Mr. Lang may have had a different motivation for “dancing” on your grade. Young Lang changed the score on my nephew’s test after my wonderful mother, Ethel Johnson, appeared on the scene to “conversate” with Him as only she could! Be well.

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