Upcoming: Center Stage Production of “Telling: Baltimore”

So me and the “Telling” cast are back at it. We’ve got upcoming performances at Center Stage on December 5th, 6th and 7th. This is a step up from Hopkins, to be sure. I think they’re all aware of that. I’ve been contacted by the marketing department to coordinate an appearance or two at several Baltimore City Schools. This is WAY easier than organizing things (alone!) at Hopkins.

(Blurb and Picture from Center Stage) 


Center Stage

The cast has had much time to reflect on our last performance. A few of us went our for drinks about 3 weeks ago. They talked about how they felt. They’re over the initial jitters of being onstage and I think at Center Stage they’ll “hit it” even more. Also, for me I saw a couple different situations that I’ll change. Actions that will make the flow of things more seamless. I think people think the show was just “there” and I just mounted it. But this production involved editing, revision and DEFINITELY directing.

(More from Center Stage)

“The most direct path to understanding veterans’ experience is person-to-person contact. With the dramatic decline in              the numbers serving in the military—less than one percent of the population over the last eleven years of war—this                contact will not happen through day-to-day life. It must be created and supported. Through performance, The Telling              Project puts veterans and military family members in front of their communities to share their stories. We give                        veterans and military family members the opportunity to speak, and their communities the opportunity to listen.”

Three Performances in the Head Theater:

Fri, Dec 5: 8 pm  BUY NOW
Sat, Dec 6: 8 pm  BUY NOW
Sun, Dec 7: 2 pm  BUY NOW


That’s Aisha (above) who’s gotten two degrees that the military has paid for. And she’s on her way to a third. One of the reactions that audience reaction provided is that — they were pretty surprised at how upbeat the cast was. And they pretty much are. We have one anti-war mother who’s son died, and we have another wife of someone else in the cast who’s survived some pretty horrific circumstances. But as a married couple they couldn’t be any more “precious” if they tried.

I’ve loved my time with them. You can say ANYTHING and they’re accepting and open. Not like the regular world, unfortunately.



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