Delivering The Goods

July puts me in the full swing of things. So the NEW DAY CAMPAIGN held their 2016 kick-off, and I spoke with a big voice. The Kick-Off was a fund-raiser and awareness event so I tried my best to deliver the goods. Here I am giving props to the crowd. It was a splendid event, and as always with NEW DAY, the performers were just so goddamn inspirational.

2016 New Day Kick-Off

The joint was jumping with dancers, singers, storytellers, poets and everyday people giving their own testimony about dealing with addiction, mental illness and trauma. Sometimes, nothing beats reality. Take a look at words and pics from the evening.  I credit all this to Charles (my son who passed) for implanting the “delayed” reaction of using his death as an emotional catapult to be more involved and engaged in all things creative. Whatever I have as an artist doesn’t have to be restricted to the PURE pursuit of my own enhancement. That’s the moral of that story…..

Last week I was up in Hagerstown, MD. for auditions. The Potomac Playmakers are doing a production of “Monifa’s Kiss,” in September — the 9th, 10th and 11th.

Monifa's In Hagerstown

Chas Rittenhouse is making this happen. To be fair, it’s an evening of three one-act plays, “Monifa’s” will be performed 2nd. My Director is Andrea Robison, and her ideas for production are spot-on. I hope to make it back for the first rehearsal. Monifa’s will definitely be a change-of-pace from the other plays. The style could be described as “urban,” and (as always with Alonzo) the language is eye-catching.

Angela and Chas

That’s Angela and Chas, (sorry for the bright light). Isn’t the stage a delight. I’ve been speaking with Holly and Jason from who comprise “LimeStone Connection,” (their play “50 Miles” is also being done) about adding some segue music between the plays. Limestone is a a pretty kick-ass duo who use poetry, prose and plays to compliment their music and performance. I actually met them when I was a judge for Maryland’s “Poetry Out Loud” contest in Frederick, MD.

In a couple weeks I’ll be headed out to West Virginia for the WVU Writer’s Workshop. I’m excited as all-get-out about having another opportunity to read (from “B-SideMan”) and to participate in a panel discussion. More to come, more to come my friends.

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