“Monifa’s Kiss” Update

I was fortunate to take in the first rehearsal of “Monifa’s Kiss” cast in Hagerstown. The Potomac Playmakers are producing “Monifa’s” in September and the cast and I had a lil’ meet n’ greet. So below here’s Whitney Bowie, a.k.a “Monifa”….

FINAL Whitney Bowie

Monifa, like the others, has a big dramatic turn only her’s is traumatizing. In desperation, she calls upon an old emotional memory.

And Karilee Grossnickle…(below) 

ABSOLUTE FINAL KARILEE  is ShaRonda. Karilee and Whitney seemed to just “fit” during auditions. Later I found out they were friends. Makes sense. Karilee’s ShaRonda drives the confrontation, and from what I saw she’s got just the feisty chops to take the play into the dark side.

FINAL April Fox

April Fox is LaRue, and she’s a little bit of a wild card. “Monifa’s” may be a very different experience for her. Though April has done theater, this play is a tad unconventional in terms of language and tone. LaRue is a bit of a diva, and also a bully. But, it’s an adventure for everyone, even Mr. Playwright.

Speaking with my Director, Andrea Robison, we think the stage business may be the biggest challenge for everyone. All the activity takes place on a subway car, and the girls are borderline out-of-control teens who have no problem getting in each other’s grill for even the slightest diss. I’m not worried about the age of the characters, as long as they bring some attitude. Make that: bring lotsa attitude. I wonder how things are going. I said I’d see them on opening night, but can Alonzo actually stay away till then? It’s awfully tempting to check back in with them. I guess because this is still a relatively “new” play that hasn’t gotten it’s share of productions. So it’s still “me widdle baby.” Like most of my plays, for an audience it’ll be a shock to the system. Though it’s a one-act and won’t take that long, it should pack a punch.


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