Reading Aloud in Starbucks

I recently contributed a post to Ann Bracken’s blog. I met Ann working with the New Day Campaign. That was several years ago, and we’ve kept in touch. Her writing comes from a very interior place, and Ann has born witness to particular kinds of darkness that she’s transferred into a writing voice with insight after insight. As we collaborated on our New Day event, I was left with chills when I heard her reading excerpts from her work.

Ann let me choose the subject and this led to “Reading Aloud in Starbucks.”

Ann's Blog It’s a light-hearted piece about stumbling across something we rarely see or experience. And it happens to take place in one of our “new shrines to privacy.” I’m continually amazed that folks scream about their privacy, but choose to work in the most public arenas. Conducting the most personal business.

I’m proud to have Ann share my little literary ditty.