A Little Medical PR For Alonzo AND News About My Friend Roger

My Welch Library colleague and friend Victoria Goode and I wrote an article about the joys of Podcasting. (What can I say — I love that picture of Alonzo). We’ve been Podcasting for Welch just about 2 years now and the more we do it, the more we totally ENJOY the process. We’ve had several Hopkins “celebrities” stop by —- hey, you never know if the President of the University or the President of the School of Medicine will be a guest —-unless you ask. 

Anyway, our Podcasts are picking up steam and you can see the entire list AND SUBSCRIBE on iTunes. When I first started out, I enlisted a friend of mine (I didn’t understand any of the techno-stuff to do it myself) who set up his computer in our mail room and my first guest was the Director of the Library. Humble beginnings. But now we operate out of the Audio/Visual studio in Hopkins School of Public Health. Very state of the art. So Victoria and I are a little like the Jeffersons, cue the “moving on up’ theme.

The other night I caught my friend Roger Guenveur Smith on TV. He was on BET, “In Sickness and In Health” a made-for-TV movie. Most people who know me and my history know that Roger and I crossed paths waaaaaaay back when “That Serious He-Man Ball” was being done in New York. The play closed and Roger swore that he’d get it produced in Los Angeles. HA! I said. (Cause when has an actor ever said anything like that and it turned out to be true). Well, that turned to be true indeed. Roger did get “He-Man Ball” produced in LA. and from that I did get hired to write for “A Different World,” and from that Roger got hired to ACT on “A Different World. Small world. I’ve seen Roger off and on since our “heyday” and he treated me like a King when I was working in Los Angeles. Took me to see his family, and took me to more than a few of his stomping grounds. And stomp we did. Congrats to Roger for having such a long illustrious career. Something tells me there’s more ahead for him.

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